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Why So Many Individual Giving Resources?


Most of the resources here are geared toward helping you build the strongest major (and mid-level) donor program possible. Direct mail, events, email and social media will raise money, but to get the most significant return on your investment each of these techniques is a way to put people into your pool of major donor prospects.
For every dollar spent on direct marketing you can expect $3 or $4 in return.  But with a well-established major donor program you can expect $5 to $10 in return on every dollar spent. And these returns don’t happen immediately. Relationships take time to develop and maintain, but over time the returns are significant especially if complemented by a planned gift program.
We know how easy it is to get consumed by mailings, events and technology. And all of these are important. But as you use these resources, keep your eye on the prize: 80 percent of your donations should be coming from 20 percent of your donors. Who are going to be your 20 percent-ers? How do you keep the pipeline full of prospective 20 percent-ers? How do you keep your 20 percent-ers happy and in love with your work?

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