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These are a few of our favorite bloggers and consultants who offer good advice and resources for free (or nearly free) which can be scaled for smaller organizations. Almost all of these bloggers offer a free e-newsletter you can subscribe to.

101Fundraising  Crowdsourced

101Fundraising is a free "crowdblog" with content sourced from fundraising professionals around the world on a variety of topics. All bloggers volunteer their time.

The Agitator   Tom Belford and Roger Craver

This subscription-based blog and website ($25 annually) features a well-organized archive with lots of tools and resources for fundraisers. You can preview three full posts before needing to subscribe.

Ahern Donor Communications

Tom Ahern and his company specialize in donor communications from fundraising materials to donor newsletters. You can subscribe to his e-newsletter for free and access his honest critiques (good and bad) of real donor communications from lots of organizations.

Fired Up Fundraising

Major gift consultant Gail Perry is a prolific blogger (and tweeter) about all things having to do with major gifts. Her content is presented clearly and simply, and can be scaled for organizations of any size or ability.

Future Fundraising Now

Jeff Brooks is a marketing professional, but his almost-daily blog includes broad fundamentals across a variety of areas for building a sustainable, donor-centered fundraising program.

Get Fully Funded

Fundraising consultant Sandy Rees mostly focuses on small shops. She believes in a donor-centric fundraising model, and publishes a free blog regularly with good tips and best practices for building a better, donor-centered fundraising program.

Movie Mondays
Blogger Chris Davenport emails a short video every Monday featuring a fundraising professional talking you through a common fundraising challenge. These 3-5 minute videos cover topics across all areas of fundraising.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide  Kivi Leroux Miller

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide has bountiful resources for all sorts of donor communications including social media strategy, content planning, and design tips for publications. Some content is available for subscribers only, but there's still lots that's available for free.

Tripoint Fundraising

Amy Eisenstein is all about simplicity! She offers lots of easy, step-by-step instructions to build your fundraising infrastructure from scratch. Be sure to check out her Major Gifts Challenge, a guided resource for developing a major gifts program in 5 hours per week.

Veritus Group   Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels

The Veritus Group is a major gifts consulting shop. They produce a great daily blog that's targeted to organizations with major gift officers, but all of their donor-centered strategies can be scaled down for smaller shops. They frequently offer free white papers, too.



Claire Axelrad takes her many years of experience and offers a full menu of advice on all aspects of fundraising as a coach and generous blogger.


Pamela Grow

Pamela Gros is not just about small nonprofits, she's expressly about the one-person development department. Her blog is full of useful tools and resources.

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