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Client organizations are “small shops” -- a budget of less than $1 million -- with limited fundraising staff but with an eagerness to build a sustainable fundraising program. MatchDotDollars coaches focus on individual giving including annual fund, direct mail, major gifts, planned giving, events and more. MatchDotDollars coaches provide guidance but not direct support.


  • Clients and coaches commit to a one-year year partnership

  • Client organizations dedicate at a minimum 1 hour to fundraising a day or 5 hours a week 

  • Client organizations involved in the coaching partnership include at least one staff member with primary responsibility for fundraising and one board member

  • Client organizations participate in bi-weekly check-ins which includes the coach, staff and board member(s)  to review progress and next steps via phone, online or in-person

  • Many volunteer coaches are full-time professionals so flexible scheduling may be necessary


What to Expect

Once a coach is matched to your organization, your coach will begin to get to know your organization through interviews with your key stakeholders (staff, board members, donors, volunteers, and/or clients) and a site visit. Then, your coach will help your organization develop an individual fundraising plan that fits your organization’s mission, donors, and staff capacity. Your coach will help you put your plan in motion and can help you if you encounter stumbling blocks.  


Evaluation and Feedback

You'll check in with your coach at a minimum of every other week to share your progress and review your next steps to keep your plan moving. Your coach will also connect you to other resources that can help you feel confident in implementing your plan.


Clients and Coaches will also be asked to fill out a regular, short survey providing MatchDotDollars with feedback on how you're both doing. If you ever need any additional support to assist in a productive relationship, MatchDotDollars is here to help!


Resources for Clients

An extensive library of resources is available to your organization free of charge, including templates that your Coach will help you with and other reading resources (like blogs and newsletters) you may find useful in your work. All Clients are also invited to join our free email group, where you can pose questions to a group of fellow nonprofit practitioners for their advice and feedback. 


While coaches work on a pro bono basis, clients pay a nominal yearly fee to participate in the MatchDotDollars process and maintain MatchDotDollars' operation. We believe that having a financial stake in the game is critical to a nonprofit’s long-term commitment to building and maintaining a successful fundraising program.


The following fees apply based on your organization’s annual revenue:

Application process

Nonprofit organizations interested in becoming a client should fill out the application form. MatchDotDollars volunteers will review your application, and follow up with you to gather additional information about your organization, learn about your fundraising needs, and discuss the fee structure. A site visit and in-person interview with the staff member with the primary fundraising responsibility and a board member may be needed.


We're a start up and are building our client base and pool of coaches.  So we will let you know ASAP about the possible availability of a coach rather than raise your hopes unnecessarily.    



We match coaches and clients on a rolling basis.

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