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Our Fundraising Philosophy

The three Rs of good fundraising are relationships, relationships and relationships. Fundraising is all about first building relationships and the money will follow.


  • Relationship between donor and organization.  A donor needs to feel confident that the organization they support is a responsible, effective and ethical manager of their donation.


  • Relationship between donors and people connected to the organization.  There are many ways a donor can connect with staff, board members, clients, volunteers, and others.


  • Relationship between donor and their mission.  A donor wants to put their values to work. Money is the medium that enables a donor to put their interests and passions into practice.




Focus on Individual Giving

MatchDotDollars focuses on individual giving because that’s where the action is.


Last year, according to Giving USA, $358 billion dollars were contributed to nonprofit organizations. That money was donated by foundations (15%), corporations (5%), individuals (72%), and through bequests (8%). Individual donors decidedly make up the largest source of charitable dollars. But the percent in reality is larger because half of foundation money comes from private family foundations. And bequests are individual gifts, just given through someone’s estate. So crunching this year’s Giving USA data reveals that almost 90% of last year’s charitable donations were given by individuals and their families.


The Urban Institute, National Clearinghouse for Charitable Statistics, shows that 44% of public charities have revenue of $1 million or less, what we define as a small nonprofits. And it’s small nonprofits that are often working locally providing services where they are most needed.


That’s why MatchDotDollars is focused on working with small nonprofits. To help them achieve their mission by getting a bigger share of charitable donations given by caring and generous individuals.


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